Tuesday 26 June 2012

Should they or shouldn't they?

Calling all Single in the City and/or Misfortune Cookie readers...

Michael Trolove, via Wikimedia Commons
I'm about to start writing the final installment of the Single in the City series and I want to know:

Do you want to see Hannah get together with Sam to live happily ever after? Please vote in the poll above, and feel free to chat in the Comments.


Wednesday 20 June 2012

Blog Tour Coordinators: a real-life case study

© Maos | Stock Free Images
This whole blog tour coordinator business has really got me riled now. Having had a lovely discussion with a reader on my last post, I decided to seek out some cold hard facts about the results a writer can expect for the fee he/she pays a blog tour coordinator.

Are Blog Tour Coordinators Writer Advocates or Exploiters?

There seems to be a trend growing amongst the blogging community in the US - virtual blog tours. How nice it would be to get your book featured on 10, 12, 20 blogs within your genre, eh? Who wouldn't like that?

Tuesday 12 June 2012

Some writers need a time out: stop harassing readers on Twitter!

I was struck today by the number of nuisance tweets in my timeline.  It made me quite grouchy and forced me into a killing spree ... I stopped following a number of tweeters. ** If you're not a twitter aficionado, there's a little explanation at the end about how it all works **