Friday, 28 October 2011

The morning after

Well, it’s official. SINGLE IN THE CITY launched yesterday in the US and chick lit fans can buy it for their Kindle or Nook. Rumour has it that they can even buy a Kindle book for their iPad (clever Apple!).

If I’m honest the day after the book launch is a bit of a let-down. After months of planning and working towards launch day, it’s now eerily quiet. That’s not to say there isn’t still a lot to do. I’m staring at a list of 6 guest blogs that I’m due to write in the next few days. And that’s likely to carry on for a few more weeks. 

Is this what the day after your wedding feels like? Oh sure, you’re glad you did it. You’re proud and happy and looking forward to the future. But things return back to normal and as much as you stressed about all the details leading up to the big day, you miss the buzz of anticipation. And you dread having to write all those thank-you notes.


  1. Completely understand and remember that 'day after' feeling regarding your launch. This was for my husband's action thriller book, and I did the marketing / comms / PR / social media / wine tasting that I could muster in the lead up! The post-launch fizzle lasted a couple of weeks, truth be told, but we're back on the horse again now. Will go buy your book for the kindle. Thanks! Sarah
    defenderofthefaith.com.au (nope, not religious in the slightest ;)

  2. Thanks Sarah, and how nice to be a husband/wife duo in the book process! Glad to know I'm not alone, though now, like you and your husband, I'm looking forward to the next book ... which I guess is more than people can say when coming down off a wedding buzz. Unless they're a pop star who gets married every year for about 19 minutes :-)


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