Friday, 11 November 2011

Compliments from strange men - flattery or harassment?

This morning I had occasion to ponder, as I chugged around the park, about the compulsion by some men to shout comments at women. In my case, the young man in question said "Awright love? Looking good, looking good." Now, I'm fairly certain that I am not Looking Good when I'm jogging. I'm looking sweaty, awkward and occasionally in pain. If you remember Forest Gump's early attempts you'll get the picture.

So why do these men do it?

It can't be an attempt at seduction. Surely lack of success has taught them that few women, when shouted at from the roadside/pavement/window, swoon as they fantasize telling this story of how mommy and daddy met to their offspring.

That leaves two options. Harassment or sincere attempt at flattery. What say you dear readers? Are these verbal outbursts just socially inept compliments, or legitimate targets for our ire?

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