Friday, 13 July 2012

Introducing Jamie Scott

*Stands up*
Readers, I have a confession. I wasn't always a chick lit writer. A long time ago, before I began to dabble in the wonderful pink, fluffy world, I was ... I was an upmarket commercial fiction writer.

It's true. I wrote three books. I'm sorry you have to find this out, but it's best you know.
*Clears throat*
I am Jamie Scott and I don't care who knows it.

If you're curious about my alter ego, you can download Little Sacrifices for free on Amazon for the next three days.


  1. Would have like to be able to buy and read this but it isn't available to readers in the Asia/Pacific region. That's a huge market you are ignoring.

  2. Hi Sandy, thanks for your comment! Definitely not ignoring AP (in fact my second book is set in Hong Kong and I'd love to have a very easy way for readers to get hold of it). It's just that with self-publishing, I'm limited to eBook providers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc, which are US-focused (with some outlets in Europe in Amazon's case). And I've just figured out a way to get a high quality paperback produced, but only in the US (the costs elsewhere exceed a reasonable purchase price).

    I've just made Little Sacrifices available in paperback, which readers worldwide can buy through Amazon.com. It takes a little while for it to reach AP but the shipping cost is reasonable (around $4 from memory). There is also a way to buy eBooks from Amazon.com from outside the US by changing your address, and it doesn't lose any of your books, but I can't really advise about that, as I believe it goes against Amazon's policy.

    Hope that helps? I wish it were easier for us to get books out to readers worldwide, and hopefully one day it will be!

  3. i just finished this on my kindle and i loved it! totally recommend reading it.

  4. Thanks so much Lillian, I'm so glad you liked it! if you get a chance to post a quick review on Amazon/B&N that'd be great.


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