Friday, 21 September 2012

Money for nothing and your chick(lit) for free*

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First, apologies to Dire Straights for badly adapting their fine song. Second, apologies to all of you who now have those lyrics running around your head...

There's less than one month to go till the official launch of The Twelve Days to Christmas, and I want to say thank you to everyone who has supported my writing career over the past decade.
You've bought my books, taken the time to read them and posted reviews to tell others what you thought. Many of you have sent me lovely messages on Facebook or twitter or email, and those warm thoughts have stayed with me.
You've listened to me natter on about word counts and procrastination and the soul-suckingness of editing. You've participated in writing an interactive book with me, laughed at my poor jokes and humoured my baked goods obsession, exercise avoidance and belief that naps are a basic human right. In short, you, my fans and my friends, have been terrific.

As a little token of my appreciation, when The Twelve Days to Christmas launches next month, I'd like to give you all a 50% off book voucher to use on Smashwords (that lets anyone use it, no matter what reading device you have). Just pop your email address over on the right, and I'll send the vouchers out to you.
Actually, a half off voucher doesn't sound like much after all that, but hey, I'm not JK Rowling yet so bear with me, and sign up anyway. 

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