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What was your most inappropriate crush?

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We've heard your worst dates and best dates, so, it's time for some REAL embarrassment: What was your most inappropriate crush (and what did you do about it?)

Michele Gorman, author of Bella Summer Takes a Chance says: Oh god. As a teenager I had a crush on a boy in school who was a year ahead of me. I can still see his face and if I think hard enough, still get that hopeless flutter in my belly. He was on the football team, and of course he went out with the head cheerleader. He didn’t know I existed so, in my junior year I took the same typing class that he did, finagled my way into the seat next to him, and basically offered to do all his typing homework. I never got the boy but can now touch type very quickly, which comes in handy in my line of work.
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Nicola May, author of The School Gates says: When I was working for a big corporate, I really fancied the dry cleaning delivery man. He had a little post box within the office where you put in orders and cheques. I left a note with my address saying- Me and my little black dress needed collecting at 8 for dinner! We dated for about 3 months .
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Julia Williams, author of The Summer Seasonsays: Oh lord, I can't POSSIBLY TELL YOU as I still have it, and will NEVER EVER do anything about it. Aside from that I was in love with my best friend aged 18, and asked him out. He said no. To my mortification, when I told him YEARS later, he didn't even remember! 
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Belinda Jones, author of Winter Wonderland says:  I'll just narrow it down to one of the actors who has played Dr Who. I met him when I was appearing as a bogus 'Body Language Expert' on Anne & Nick (so a few years back). I had this strange instant besottedness and stalked him (along with a friend of mine) to where he was appearing in Panto. He walked out of the stage door with a group of the show kiddies and when he saw me the child he was escorting writhed away from him yelping, 'Ouch, you're hurting my hand!' Suffice to say, the tension also showed in his face and I was forced to bid a humbled adieu before I'd even said hello. Makes me feel sick even now.
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Dina Silver, author of Kat Fight says: I was smitten with a college T.A. my freshman year, and never missed a class for that reason. He totally knew it because I stayed late and flirted with him after every class, but I ultimately did nothing about it. Probably because he did nothing about it.
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Talli Roland, author of The Pollyanna Plansays: Hmmm! It may not be inappropriate, but in junior high I had the biggest crush on a classmate who clearly had no reciprocal feelings. That didn’t stop me from ringing him up periodically and quickly hanging up when he answered. I think that’s the only way I ever got to talk to him. Yikes, that’s a little sad.
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Ellie Campbell, author of When Good Friends Go Badsays: Had the worst crush on my best friend's boyfriend in high school.  They were the cool couple in the Midget convertible and I'd be squashed into its tiny back shelf, boyfriendless, no pride.  Anyway he and I were constantly wrestling – she’d watch, benignly amused, as I’d knock him to the ground, pin and straddle him. He’d include notes to me with her love letters and when she ditched him, I finally got to smooch him on a barge trip she’d canceled out of.  Heaven - but I felt too guilty to take it further. Even though she’d met her future husband, I knew she’d be upset. I stayed friends with him for years though, one big heart-thumping, hopelessly-yearning cowardly ache.
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Lindsey Kelk, author of The Single Girl's To-Do List says: Um... I might have taken an evening class and had a bit of a thing for the teacher. And I might have emailed him afterwards asking if I could 'interview him' for my old Marie Claire column. I did not interview him. I did do something else. Hang on, does this count if it was only last year? says: 
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Rowan Coleman, author of Dearest Rosesays: My most inappropriate crush was probably on my English teacher, when I was about seventeen, the poor man. He was a very good teacher, because although I sprawled myself over his desk on a daily basis in an attempt to seduce him, he never once paid me any attention. It culminated with me writing him a love poem, which I recited to him standing on a table, in the school canteen at lunchtime in front of the whole school. It was a Leap Year, its was February 29th and I was proposing. He agreed to marry me if I could name the whole of the 1969 Hull FC football squad. Neat dodge.
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Alexandra Brown, author of Cupcakes at Carrington'ssays: Tom Hardy, still is, although I've stopped trying to engineer ways of actually meeting him now after I attempted a running bodyslam and fell over.
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Juliette Sobanet, author of Kissed in Paris says: I once had a young, charming, and incredibly handsome college professor. Besides being gifted in the looks department, he was actually an excellent professor, which was clearly the only reason my girlfriends and I were eager to take his class. One night, we ran into him out at this wild club in DC. He seemed really embarrassed to see his students in a bar, but we promised to keep our mouths shut in class the next week. This all came full circle when I became a professor years later and ran into one of my former students out at a bar. The kid conveniently “forgot” I’d once been his professor and tried to hit on me.
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Karen Swan, author of The Perfect Present says: Much to my husband’s dismay, it was on my ski instructor this Christmas. He was 12 years my junior, French, gallant and charming with an absolutely gorgeous smile. I quickly learnt to fall down a lot and make the most of the chairlift rides to winkle information out of him (where did he live goddamit?). And I kept rebooking him. Fantastic holiday!
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Miranda Dickinson, author of When I Fall In Love says: I had a huge crush on one of my best male friends that lasted for a good few years. One year, I sent him a Valentine's card from one of those online sites - and the moment I sent it, I knew it was a mistake. Unfortunately, he was living with several of my other friends at the time and they all guessed it was from me. Thankfully, he's a lovely bloke and our friendship survived. But I still hide whenever the Moonpig card advert comes on! This actually inspired the opening scene in It Started With a Kiss when Romily tells Charlie she loves him.
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Come on, readers, spill the beans. What was your most inappropriate crush? 

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  1. Shortly after one of my close guy friends came out of the closet, I found that I couldn't stop thinking of him. I was dating a guy at the time and my gay best friend helped me realize how wrong my relationship was. So it was a good thing in the end. I tend to crush on gay guys a lot anyway. The first was a guy at Rocky Horror as he said he was bi and I thought I stood a chance. He was beautiful and made me feel so good about myself. The other was Adam Lambert. My fantasies about him go beyond inappropriate!


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