Monday, 18 March 2013

Killing for the greater good

... characters, that is... what did you think? I'm a chick lit writer who bakes cupcakes - not exactly the serial killer type, am I?

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I've been struggling for the past several months with a manuscript. I've got the story firmly in my head, and I love it. I began writing at the beginning of January, and nearly three months later, I have 5,000 words to show for it. At this rate I will finish it right around the time Her Majesty's government sends me my pensioner's bus pass. 

Something has been stopping me, throwing up roadblocks and sapping my motivation. Why wouldn't I want to write this book? 

1. I love the genre
2. I love the story
3. I love the I like the character ... 

And that's the answer. I've created a character that I don't really like. She's all right. But she's a bit serious for my taste. As Bella Summer has said (now there's a character I adore): "I've tried being friends with very-nice-but-boring girls, but I've never enjoyed spending time with them. They're the low-fat milk of social engagement. It's perfectly fine and lots of people drink it, but I'm never going to look forward to low-fat milk."

I can't be friends with my character. So I can't write her. Which is why I've killed her. Dead. She's gone, no longer exists. R.I.P.

In her place is a completely new character, one who is smart and sharp and fun and funny. She breathes life into the story. And it feels wonderful to write again. 

Have your characters ever stopped you from writing? What did you do?


  1. well we are glad to hear this.....cause if you don't like the main character I am am sure your reds will not take to her either.......and if u get caught and sent to prison I will send you virtual cupcakes with files in them..lol

    1. Yes, cupcakes with files in, this is exactly why I love my readers so, thanks! xo

  2. Oh yeah! When my main character gets out of line I give her what for from another character who puts her in her place and then wham! Sorted. My MCs don't get away with being dull or acting the jerk for long ;)


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