Saturday, 10 May 2014

Off to a Cabin in the Woods!

What a busy year it's been, and it's only May! The Curvy Girls Club was sold to Avon in the UK for a January 2015 publication, and it's launching next month in the US and Canada through Notting Hill Press. Meanwhile I'm just finishing my next manuscript, Perfect Girl, which will be published globally in October.
Not the actual cabin!

So HB and I are taking ourselves off to a cabin in the Welsh hills for a week to relax, eat good food and potter along the northern coastline on our trusty bicycles. It's sort of a honeymoon-in-the-woods, to complement our planned honeymoon-on-the-beach later this year... we have had four wedding parties, so why not four honeymoons?

As I write this it's chucking it down outside but I'm sure Mother Nature wouldn't let it rain on us while we're on holiday. Right? RIGHT??

Enjoy your week, everyone, and see you on the other side :-) 

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