Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Are we hard-hearted pragmatists?

All right friends, I feel bad. B-A-D. We've taken away Stacy's social life and made her a workaholic. Here's where we see whether we're really hard-hearted pragmatists or lovey-dovey romantics.
Do you want to offer Stacy the chance to kiss in Hong Kong? Or will we keep her nose completely to the grindstone? 

* * * * *
POLL RESULTS: Aw, you're a bunch of softies too! It's unanimous, you want Stacy to have a chance for romance.

We've made Stacy a workaholic ... but should she get a romantic life too? 
Yes please, give her a love interest (100%)


  1. Did you see the recent Derren Brown programme where a studio audience thought it had control over someone's life for one night? They started off doing small nasty things but by the end the his TV had been smashed up, he'd been arrested for shoplifting and he had been kidnapped by masked thugs.

    To avoid this scenario repeating itself, I vote we are nice for once...

    1. That's a cautionary tale we should heed Chris, thanks! :-)

  2. Plus, I say every girl deserves the kiss. It's definitely more fun that way :)

  3. Thanks Allison, I couldn't agree more!


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