Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Enter the Dragon

Sam has a colleague. She's young. She's smart. And she spends every work day, and many work nights, with Sam. She's called Li Ming, a Hong Kong native. Sooo, what should Li Ming look like? Be sure to vote on the poll (over there to the left), but do leave comments too!

Is it more fun for us to make her an Asian beauty, alluring and a clear threat to Hannah? (Or IS she?! :-))

Or should she be a plain Jane, making Hannah wonder why Sam thinks she's so great? Note that this still makes her a threat to Hannah, but she'll be a confusing one.

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POLL RESULTS: You want a plain Jane, not a stunning dragon... she'll be more of a threat to Hannah if she's not a conventional beauty.


Sam has a colleague. She's young. She's smart. And she spends every work day, and many work nights, with Sam. She's called Li Ming, a Hong Kong native. What should Li Ming look like?

She's a beauty, alluring and clearly a threat (33%) 

She's a plain Jane - so what does Sam see in her? (67%)


  1. Li Ming should be a plain Jane. A hottie would be predictable.

  2. A confusing threat is more interesting than a clear one.

  3. I've known many "plain Jane"s in my life who have--over time, as I've gotten to know them--become not only more attractive, but out-and-out alluring on the basis of their wit, charm, intelligence and... sometimes the indefinable. I could see Li Ming starting out as an enigma, becoming a threat, and perhaps evolving into an inspiration...

  4. I don't know that Sam goes for the over the top beauty. I think plain Jane is the way to go. This beauty would be more a sneaky threat.

  5. I think she should be a beauty, because we don't actually want to like the plain jane or have hope for her. The beauty we can kind of think that's just superficial.

  6. Paul from high school4 January 2012 at 17:53

    It would be fun to see her more bold than a stereotypical competitor. So Sam has to react to reality as opposed to initiate. But of course, I'm a guy.

  7. Mary M said...Plain Janes are always more interesting-this coming from one.

  8. Plain Jane as there'll be a lot more story areas to explore rather than an obvious 'potentially superficial only' element. Plus it'll be a lot more believable when the book gets adapted into the movie...

  9. Thanks everyone, for your comments!! This kind of feedback is so great because it helps flesh out more than just Li Ming's looks.

    Whether a stunner or a plain Jane, clearly you want Li Ming to be intriguing (and bold - thanks Paul, audacity in a threatening character gives us readers more to sink our teeth into, i.e. hate. And we Love to hate :-))

    So, what I'm hearing so far is that you want an insidious threat in Li Ming. Boy, you aren't going to give Hannah an easy time are you?

  10. Tony (Bev's husband for now)5 January 2012 at 09:40

    make her a hot chick!!!

  11. I really think she should be a beauty! It's the worst thinking of your other half lusting after someone (even though a quiet genuine attraction is perhaps more threatening in the long run). Think of Dolly Parton's Jolene! Heartbreaking.


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