Monday, 19 December 2011

Personally inscribed eBooks? Ho Ho Ho, that's genius!

Hello lovely elves! If you're still looking for a fast and fabulous gift idea, you could give an author-signed Kindle or Nook book personalized with your very own inscription! It's thoughtful, it's fun and it'll get to your loved one faster than Santa can make his way down the chimney!

To spread the literary love, I'm happy to sign the Single in the City eBook for any (or many!) of your friends as gifts from you.

If you'd like to do this you can simply click Give as a Gift next to Single in the City on Amazon (Barnes and Noble works the same way). There you'll have the chance to include a note with the gift. If you include something like this, it'll make it super easy to arrange the inscription from me:

"I've been in touch with the writer and arranged for her to sign and inscribe this book for you. Just go to, www.kindlegraph.com, find Single in the City and request a Kindlegraph. In the note, paste my inscription to you: (YOU'LL ADD YOUR INSCRIPTION HERE. And remember to include your name so I know who to make the inscription from!).

Kindle users get the inscription directly to their Kindle and Nook users get it as a PDF. Don't be shy, I'm happy to do this for loads of friends!

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