Sunday, 9 December 2012

What's your favourite film to watch at Christmas?

Fifteen days till Christmas! What's your favourite Christmas-related film or TV programme? Here's what'll be on in our houses while we stuff ourselves full of chocolate and Christmas cake ...

Christmas with Mr Darcy author Victoria Connelly says "I adore 'It's a Wonderful Life' and the Christmas episode of 'The Good Life"

A Merry Little Christmas author Julia Williams says "Easy peasy. A Wonderful Life. Sentimental I know, but James Stewart is sooooo lovely & it was the inspiration in part for Last Christmas, without which A Merry Little Christmas would never have been written."
Married by Christmas and Santa Maybe author Scarlett Bailay says: The Sound of Music, and it's compulsory viewing for me at Christmas. If I haven’t sung 'Doe a Dear' six hundred times in December, I've failed."

My So-Called Christmas Carol author Tamsyn Murray says "I'm torn by this question. On the one hand, I want to say Love, Actually, because I secretly want to be Martine McCutcheon and snog Hugh Grant. But on the other hand, I want to say Elf, because I'm still twelve years old."

Winter Wonderland author Belinda Jones says "It's A Wonderful Life. I first watched this while sitting in a hot-tub in a converted train caboose in a trailer park town called Nice, about two and half hours drive from San Francisco. My friend Emily and I were so freaked out to discover we were vacationing in the Meth Capital of Northern California we wanted to lose ourselves in a heart-warming family tale and this was one of about 12 DVD options at the B&B. I was surprised how deep the movie is! Makes you think and makes you extremely grateful for what you have, right now!"

Mistletoe in Manhattan author Talli Roland says "I adore Love Actually, and I watch it every Christmas without fail whilst sobbing like a lovesick idiot on the sofa."

Meet Me Under the Mistletoe author Abby Clements says "Anything sparkly you can snuggle up on a sofa and plough through a box of chocolates to! My favourite Christmas films are The Holiday, Love Actually and Elf. Watching the X-Factor final's become something of a Christmastime tradition too."
When I Fall In Love author Miranda Dickinson says "Easy - The Muppet Christmas Carol. I have to watch it every Christmas Eve without fail, it makes me completely festive and excited about Christmas Day."

With Love at Christmas author Carole Matthews says "It 
--> has to be The Muppet Christmas Carol. Christmas doesn't start in our house until we've sat down with a glass of wine and a mince pie and have watched Kermit."

The Twelve Days to Christmas author Michele Gorman says "How The Grinch Stole Christmas (the original version with Boris Karloff narrating). My sister and I can recite it word-for-word, which everybody else in the room really enjoys year after year :-) For those of you not familiar with the joys of the Grinch (or would rather listen to Thurl Ravenscroft sing it than me), here it is on You Tube. "

What about you, dears? What’s your favourite Christmas film or programme? 


  1. Fun to read everyone's choices! I watched 'Elf' last night - what a fab film. Definitely my second choice!

  2. And I'll keep an eye out for Love Actually - when I read everyone's answers it reminded me how much I LOVE that film (any time of year)!

  3. Forgot to mention another favourite Christmas TV programme - A Child's Chrismasses in Wales - inspired by the Dylan Thomas book. It's wonderful - catch the trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXfxWGNejPg

  4. May I put in a plea for The Song Of Norway? It has romance [it's a Grieg biopic],and is unintentionally very funny indeed.
    It used to be on tv every Boxing Day. Eventually it came out on dvd and has become something of a family tradition.
    [Loads of big stars - e.g. Harry Secombe, Robert Morley, Edward G. Robinson, dodgy lyrics set to Grieg's music, everyone in traditional Norwegian costume, it's, erm, unforgettable. Best fun is to make up your own words and sing along...!]

    Caroline Praed

    1. Caroline, I hadn't heard of that one, it sounds like fab fun! :-)

  5. Amazing how much of a cult classic Love Actually has become.
    Think I'd say A Christmas Story, although the original Grinch is a close second.

    1. "You'll shoot your eye out kid!" I love it, Alex :-))

  6. Love Actually is also favourite film, but for any time of the year! C : ) xx

  7. White Christmas will always be my favorite!

  8. I LOVE the Black and White's!
    "Miracle on 34th Street" and "It's a Wonderful Life"! MY FAVE!!!!
    But, do you think they would be ON TV???? NO!!!!!! They are NOT playing at ALL! Bums me out!
    I used to have ALL of these Christmas shows on VHS tape, but not anymore! You can't even find a VHS player. ALL you can find anymore are DVD players, which, the quality IS the GREATEST, but . . . I had to just throw out my tapes! I LOVED those 'claymation' Christmas shows! I think those are CLASSIC! Again, you can't find them. I did find ONE! That's it, though.
    I'm glad to see that DVD's have stuck around for as long as they have! I didn't think they would. I figured something better would come along like it did with VHS tapes.
    Perhaps I should invest in those movies in DVD fprm now?
    GEEAT article! Thanks!


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