Monday, 3 December 2012

Show and tell

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The girls beamed with pride when they arrived at the creche this morning, and who could blame them? Everyone loves show-and-tell day! Though it did get a bit crowded ...

To capture the enthusiasm of the day, I made a little video, which the girls will bring home for you to see. It was a bit hard to understand what everyone was saying so I transcribed it here for you too.

The Twelve Days to Christmas brought her big sisters, Single in the City and Misfortune Cookie. "They're the most well-traveled sisters ever," she said. "Single in the City moved all the way to London on a dare to start a new life, and Misfortune Cookie is living in Hong Kong, where we worry about her a lot. Actually, Mom worries about them both - she says they're not exactly cultural ambassadors."
Christmas with Mr Darcy brought in the 6-part BBC adaptation of 'Pride and Prejudice' on DVD staring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle and she insisted that everybody watch the famous scene where Mr Darcy plunges into the lake and then meets a surprised Elizabeth in the grounds of Pemberley. "It's one of the most romantic scenes!" Darcy enthused. "And I always remember it when I'm in my bathtub!

With Love at Christmas brought her older sister, Wrapped Up In You. "She also loves Christmas too, but is much more adventurous than I am and spent last Christmas falling in love with a gorgeous, fully-fledged Maasi warrior," With Love said. "I worry about her, but I secretly admire the fact that she has had the courage to follow her heart no matter what anyone else thinks. I love to hear her tell me stories about the fabulous scenery and wildlife of the Maasi Mara. Most of all I just want her to have a happy ending."

Mistletoe in Manhattan would like everyone to meet Build A Man, who has also suffered from a very ambitious streak. "See that huge bruise on her leg, now gone all yellow?" said Mistletoe. "It's because she jumped from the cot, thinking she could fly. Oops."

My So-Called Christmas Carol brought her big sister, My So-Called Afterlife. "We have a lot in common," said Carol. "She's friends with a psychic called Elvira and a ghost called Lucy and so am I. She's spooky and funny and sometimes scary and when I grow up, I want to be just like her."

Winter Wonderland told everyone about her sister, The Paradise Room. "No one believes we are even related because we are so different," Wonderland explained. "I have polar bears on my pyjamas, she has palm trees. My favourite smell is pine. Hers is coconut. Our mum says its because she was born in the summer and I was born in the winter. Even so, I don't think she should be wearing flip-flops in December, that's just silly..."

Married by Christmas brought her American cousins to show and tell, the confusingly same named Married By Christmas (US kindle edition) and The Night Before Christmas. American MBC as a lot in common with our MBC except that perhaps she is a little more bling bling, and The Night Before Christmas is an idealistic girl older than the others, who loves the idea of playing in the snow, but doesn't actually own any wellington boots or a proper coat. "She tries hard to be good, but somehow often ends up being naughty," Married by Christmas said, a little gloatily.

When I Fall In Love brought in her sister It Started With A Kiss. "She loves music like me and she is looking forward to Christmas because she's hoping Santa will bring her the handsome stranger who kissed her last Christmas," When I Fall in Love said.  "ISWAK (Issy for short) is hopeful, funny and can sing any song you like!"

A Merry Little Christmas brought her lovely older sister, Last Christmas. "She's a great cook and she took me to Hope Christmas the first time," said Merry. "We're both begging our Mummy to give us another Christmas sibling. Mummy says she'll think about it, but she thinks a summer baby might be coming first. We're so excited!"

And Meet Me Under the Mistletoe said "I brought some yummy cinnamon star biscuits for you all to try. They're a family recipe that my cousin The Christmas Bake-Off told me about, we found it hidden in her back pages. Take one and pass the plate..."

Tell me, dears, what's the best show-and-tell thing you've ever brought to class?

Miss Dewey

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  1. I brought my Dad in for show and tell. He worked for NASA in the '60s and '70s and has all kinds of mementos, like the patches that the astronauts wore, signed photos, letters stamped and posted from the Space Center on the day of each launch. He was So much better than my hamster, Snowy, who really just sat in her cage looking cute.


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