Wednesday, 7 December 2011

And the title is ... almost there!

Wow, what a great start - thank you lovely writing partners! I feel like I've got a whole room full of friends giving such excellent advice. I hope many more people want to help out (don't be shy - feel free to jump in now with  your ideas :-))

We want the title to be fun, obviously chick lit, and reflective of the story and the setting in Hong Kong, with a sense of adventure, and it's important to tie the sequel to Single in the City somehow. Piece of cake, eh?!

You like Misfortune cookie or Missfortune Cookie, though there are concerns that the latter might appear misspelt. When we were throwing around ideas for Single in the City's title we had to keep in mind that it will (hopefully) be read in many countries by many nationalities, so it's got to be easy to remember and spell in English.

It sounds like Misfortune Cookie may work as long as we can tie in Single in the City somehow. And we could use a tagline to do that. I noticed online that several books on Amazon.com do this. So, dear readers, thinking caps on please. We could go with something simple like:

Misfortune Cookie (Single in the City returns) ... meh, I think we can do better, don't you? Please post all of our ideas in the comments below!

Michele x

PS Special thanks to Kary, anum88, AuVox, Nicole, and Allison W for your extra comments - these are so helpful in helping to flesh out our discussions! 

Final votes were: 25 for Misfortune Cookie, 19 for MissFortune Cookie and 13 for Miss Fortune Cookie.


  1. How about Misfortune Cookie - Still single in the City

  2. Hey Michele we met on goodreads and I am doing as you said and joining your blog. Helping out with your book sounds so fun! Look forward to helping.

  3. Welcome Jessica! Please do suggest some taglines for the title, and stay tuned a bit later today for the first installment of the book, which I'll post here :-)

  4. Thanks Frankie, As another writing partner commented, "It's complicated"! :-)

  5. Hi Michele, I've just had a chance to look at your blog, great idea. i'm not sure I can add to much but happy to put my votes forward. "MissFortune Cookie" for me. Kellie F x


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