Thursday, 15 December 2011

Consider this before we play with Hannah's love life

I'd like us to consider a question before answering the poll about Hannah's love life: Do we want the love story to trip happily along, or do we want to suspect that Hannah's in for trouble? 

You'll probably notice that I'm not talking about detailed plot points in this particular question, and that's on purpose. It seems very important in the collaborative process to balance our discussions about plots and characters with the fact that you'll want to read Misfortune Cookie with the same anticipation that you enjoy reading any other book. This is going to be a balancing act, but I've got my umbrella, am limbered up and not (too) afraid of heights :-)

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Poll results:
Hannah has just moved 6,000 miles from London to Hong Kong to be with the love of her life. When she arrives, should he be:
Madly in love, leaving her in no doubt that her decision was the right one (11%)
Loving, but a bit noncommittal – she’s questioning her judgment (45%)
Oddly aloof, making her wonder what she’s done wrong (36%)


  1. She's got to have a few hiccups along the way. Kx

  2. Honestly? She should be madly in love. If he's the love of her life and if she's prepared to move thousands of miles to be with him, then it would be silly of her to question her judgement. Her questioning time, if there was to be one, should have been before the decision was made. Otherwise she looks flighty.

    I do think a love story needs hiccups (sad, but true; I personally prefer an A to B love story without all the cliches in between!) but I think for her to question herself so early on would be a bit of a disaster because this is a decision she should have taken with thought rather than a flighty one. Unless she's a flighty character. Obviously! :)

    Rather than focusing overly on making her love life a walking disaster, I'd love it if perhaps Hannah and her boyfriend faced some things together, that still gives us drama but without the whole splitting up for silly reasons?

    But when she arrives she should be madly in love. Totally!

  3. Thanks Leah, but what about HIM (question relates to him)? She's definitely madly in love since, as you point out, you don't put your life in boxes and move them 6,000 miles. :-)

  4. Oh. Oh. Oops. I feel like an idiot now. See, that's what happens when I read things quickly. I feel foolish now! :)

    Well, at least you know how I feel if it was the other way around. As for him, I suppose it's kind of the same - if he asked her to move there, then he should, too, be sure of his relationship and if he's her endgame anyway, you don't want to make him TOO aloof or non-committal because you don't want us to hate him if we're meant to love him. So I'd stick with the same option, really. He SHOULD be madly in love, but he's a man, so he could also be non-committal, depends how you want to play it.

    Good job I come and check up on these comments 'cos at least I can put myself right now! I swear to read better in future!

  5. No worries Leah, and goodness, no reason to feel foolish - it just means we've got more input!


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