Sunday, 11 December 2011

Sunday Moral dilemma

Where should our allegiances lie? With our boyfriend or our best friend? Where is the line between what you want and what your friend wants and what your boyfriend wants? Vote in the poll above and let's talk about loyalty versus love.

Whose feelings are more important? The best friend's? The boyfriend's? Or yours? ... they can't be equal because you have to make a decision about the night. Tricky eh? :-)

YOUR ANSWER WAS CLEAR: KEEP THE DATE! Thanks everyone who voted and left comments.
What would you do? The love of your life is coming to visit from abroad for one night. Your best friend is coming to live with you, arriving on the same day. You've got dinner plans with love of life.
Keep the date - it's only a few hours and your friend will understand 78%
Cancel the date to spend your best friend's first night in your city together - friends come first 9%
Hope for a cloning breakthrough before evening 12%


  1. This is an interesting one. Honestly, I think friends should come first. I hate it when in a Chick Lit novel a character dumps her mates for her new boyfriend / believes the boyfriend over the best friend. Loyalty should always come ahead of love. It doesn't, most of the time, but it SHOULD, at least as far as I'm concerned! :)

    However, for what you're asking - which is basically either a date between her boyfriend or a night with her best friend... why not mix the two? Go out to dinner with the boyfriend AND best friend and then go off with the boyfriend later in the evening. Unless you want to cause tension between the boyfriend/best friend/main character then, well, I don't know which way to go!

  2. I am happily married so this is a tough question for me. Is the friend a "come and go" person who stops in once or twice a year? Are you someone well-known who the friend likes to be linked with in gossip columns? Now, the new boyfriend. Are you ready to "dump" the best friend and get involved with the NEW boyfriend.?? Better think this one out long and hard.

  3. Hi Leah, thanks, I could put all three together but then nobody would be really happy - everyone wants to have the evening alone with just one other person. IS it being disloyal to go on the date when the boyfriend is only in town for one night, and the best friend has moved there permanently?

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  5. What awkward characters, honestly. :)

    Nah, I think one night it can slide. As long as neither Hannah nor her best friend make a big deal of it. After all, is Hannah's best friend really going to be peeved, if she is indeed going to be there for the next x amount of time? Naaaaaah. GO FOR IT W/ THE BOYFRIEND!

  6. I am all about staying true to friends because they last, however, there are certain times and types of passion that last only a night and shouldn't be missed. I live for those sort of moments. The writer in me constantly draws on those passions. Good question.

  7. Thanks Brenda, you're absolutely right!


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