Sunday, 18 December 2011

Enter: stunning beauty

Clearly, most of you want to stir up trouble in Hannah's love life :-) All right then, let's stir.
Misfortune Cookie
Having survived a near death experience, one shouldn’t then have to survive a fiery crash in self-esteem. Yet there I was, sharing a ride into the jungle with Lara Croft. Not Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft – that would imply that she was actually human, with possible flaws. I meant the computer-generated model of perfection that was the Tomb Raider. 

* * * * *
How would you like Sam to behave towards this embodiment of womanly perfection? And how should Hannah react? 

Poll results: Once again you're stirring up trouble :-))

Hannah and Sam are sharing an excursion with a stunning beauty they've just met. Should:

Sam obviously be smitten by this woman (9%)

Hannah think Sam is smitten, igniting her insecurities (72%)

Sam only have eyes for Hannah (but still ingite insecurities)(18%)

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