Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A visit from Father Christmas

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You can’t imagine the commotion at the crèche today when the little’uns found out that a certain red-suited fellow would be visiting. Actually, perhaps you can imagine, since I’m afraid we did eat rather a lot of cookies and everyone is probably on a sugar high well past their bedtimes. I’m sorry about that …

But never mind, we had a lovely day, dears, and everyone was on their best behaviour (naturally). Saint Nick arrived to the jingle of sleigh bells and you’ve never seen such a room full of wide-eyed wonder.

When it came time for the little’uns to whisper their heart’s desires to Santa, A Merry Little Christmas insisted on being the last to go so that she could help get everyone situated on the big man’s lap. She and  When I Fall In Love put their heads together in a most mysterious way with the rest of the girls. I couldn’t imagine what they were up to.  

Now, I know you’re all waiting anxiously to find out what your little’uns most want for Christmas, and I did an admirable job spying, if I do say so myself. 007 has nothing on me.

Santa Maybe went first, since she's only tiny. She cupped her hands and whispered for quite a while into Santa’s ear, as his bushy white eyebrows got closer and closer together. “Real fairy dust?” he said. “Whatever will you do with real fairy dust?” Well you’d have thought he’d asked her what she planned to do with a moist delicious cupcake. “I’m going to make magic,” she said, as if the answer couldn’t have been more obvious. “And please don’t forget the Christmas tree fairy costume.” And do you know what? He shook when he laughed, just like a bowl full of jelly.

Christmas with Mr Darcy climbed aboard next, carefully smoothing her silk skirts, just like a lady. She told Santa that her heart’s desire is a be-ribboned empire waist ball gown. Santa looked perplexed (I was starting to get the feeling that might be his usual state of mind), but he seemed to catch on once fashion-forward Meet Me Under the Mistletoe explained. And Darcy not only wants the gown, she wants everyone to join her for a Christmas ball, can you imagine! That announcement  caused a commotion almost as big as Father Christmas’s arrival.

  Mistletoe in Manhattan ran straight for Santa when it was her turn, threw herself on his lap and announced that she’d like a brand new MacBook Air, pretty please. Santa looked relieved to be back on familiar territory. “Are you sure you know what to do with such a powerful computer?” he asked. “Oh yes,’ she said, nodding seriously. “I’m sure I can handle it, if someone will plug it in for me. I’m not allowed to use the ‘lectricity.”
The Twelve Days to Christmas saw Mistletoe’s acrobatics and tried the same approach, but missed her mark and slid off his other side. Luckily she snatched a nice big handful of beard as she exited, so she didn’t hit the floor. Santa wasn’t pleased to be used as a safety rope but then, Twelve Days didn’t look pleased to be dangling off his facial hair either. Once she climbed aboard she told him that she’d like a Totally Me Sewing Machine Set more than anything in the world, so that she can design her own clothes, and she promised to be very good until Christmas (notwithstanding the beard incident). 
Meet Me Under the Mistletoe has developed a bewildering fascination with the kitchen cabinets (those she can reach) and we had to lure her out of the kitchen to see Santa. “I’d like an Easy-Bake Oven please,” she said. “So I can enter the Great British Bake Off.” My, my, what an ambition! “Are you a good baker?” I asked as I scooted her off Santa’s knee. “No,” she said. “But you’ll teach me, won’t you?” Well how can I say no to a face like that? 

Married by Christmas?” I asked. “Would you like to visit with Santa?” She shook her head. “No thank you. I faxed my list in October. To beat the rush.” So Scarlett, dear, I hope you’ve got a copy of that fax, because she was very tight-lipped about it.

“Hello little one,” Santa said, noticing With Love at Christmas. “What would you like in your stocking?” She looked bashful to have such attention on her, and quietly whispered, “I want everyone to be happy and loved.” Aw, bless her. How can Santa not grant that wish, especially since she's been so good lately that she's in Amazon's Top 100 along with A Merry Little Christmas?

Winter Wonderland brought illustrations for her visit with Santa. “This is what I’d like,” she pointed to her painting. Santa looked to me for help. I mouthed the answer and he said, “Oh yes, well, we have lots of husky puppies at the North Pole. Er, does your mum like puppies?” Belinda, dear, I hope so, because she’s got her heart set on a puppy with one blue eye and one brown.
A Merry Little Christmas was busy helping Santa Maybe get the glitter out of her hair (this morning’s attempt at pre-Christmas fairy dust), and we nearly forgot to get her on to Santa’s lap. I had a feeling I already knew her heart’s desire, based on yesterday’s paintings. “I’d like the Dr Who box set, please,” she said. “The David Tennant years.” Then she thought a bit and added, “And a chocolate bar, please.” I think that can be arranged, don’t you, Julia?

When I Fall In Love climbed on Santa, who was looking a bit tired by this point. “I don’t want a thing,” she said. “I want to do something. Does that count as my heart’s desire?” Santa smiled and nodded, so she whispered in his ear. “I’m sure Miss Dewey can help with that,” he said. She whispered again. “Yes, I'd love a preview,” he said. She climbed down and all the girls gathered around. And they sang.

Silent night, holy night, all is calm, all is right
Round blonde virgin, mother and child
Holy infant so slender and mild
Sleep with heavenly geese
Sleep with heavenly geese

Santa’s eyes sparkled with more than good cheer. I seemed to have something in my eye as well.

“Miss?” When I Fall In Love tugged my skirt. “Can we really have a Christmas Pageant like Santa says?”
“Well if Santa says so, then I suppose we can.”

Best regards,
Miss Dewey

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