Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Book baby daycare

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Any mum will know how hard it is with a baby in the house ... luckily I've heard about a wonderful creche, and lots of my friends and other new mothers, are sending their book babies there too.
It's called the Christmas Creche, and it opens on Friday.

Even though my heart is in my mouth over the idea of leaving The Twelve Days to Christmas for even  a few hours, I'm sure she'll have a super-fabulous time. *sniff* I'm sure she will. *snuffle* Definitely sure *goes for a cuddle*

The creche's owner, Miss Dewey, has promised to keep us all up to date in writing - I suspect she's just doing that to keep us from calling her every two minutes.

If you want to know how everyone is getting on, you can follow on twitter or facebook (look on the left) or subscribe to the posts yourself (over to the right). And if anyone has any coupons for Kleenex, can they please send them along? Much appreciated.

Michele xoxo

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