Monday, 19 November 2012

Little Picassos

Well, our little’uns have certainly enthusiastically embraced the arts! When they found out they were going to paint, Meet Me Under the Mistletoe dove straight for the dressing up box and managed to fashion petit Parisian left bank beret-and-go-go-boots ensembles, so that everyone looked the part. Santa Maybe had a hard time keeping the beret out of her eyes, since she’s such a wee pixie, but  With Love at Christmas hairpinned it in place so that the poor little thing could see what she was doing.

Armed with a rainbow of finger paints, I turned the them loose to express themselves. Perhaps I should have explained a bit more clearly that they were to paint on the paper, not on each other … Victoria, dear, I’m sure Christmas with Mr Darcy's dress will wash clean in cold water (although those 18th century silks should probably be dry cleaned), and Mistletoe in Manhattan was very sorry about the misunderstanding. She has promised to try her best not to get ahead of herself next time.

We’ve got a class of budding artists in the making, I’m pleased to say. I know you’re eager to hear about your little Picassos, and I’m sure their paintings will take pride of place on your refrigerators.

I did need to ask A Merry Little Christmas what it was that she’d painted, and she very patiently told me that she’d painted a montage (where do children learn these words?!). And I’ll be darned, once she explained it, I really could see Dr. Who’s TARDIS, made of chocolate, wearing an apron. No prizes for guessing Merry’s favourite television programme (and food group!)

The Twelve Days to Christmas's painting wasn’t any easier to interpret, though the little duck tried her hardest. Michele, she’ll probably tell you herself but those brown blobs are reindeer. And the other brown blobs are trees, and the little brown blob in the corner is Santa. Next time we use the crayons we’ll see if we can introduce her to some more colours.

Christmas was certainly a theme today, and Winter Wonderland did a splendid job on her snowy Christmas scene, and I thought her reindeer were very realistic. I’m afraid there were a few tears when she told me they weren’t reindeer; they were huskies. She forgave me my error soon enough, and rewarded my interpretive efforts with the nicest cuddle you can imagine.

Married by Christmasand When I Fall In Love are two peas in a pod, and spent the whole afternoon singing carols while they painted. At least I think Married was singing carols. It’s a little hard to tell, what with her tone deafness. But bless the little firecracker, she does try. They are as different as can be though, in their approaches. Married has the precision of a Swiss watchmaker while Love was, well, slightly more haphazard in her approach. I think more of the paint ended up on her than it did the paper (sorry about that Scarlett, dear. A good long soak and they’ll be good as new). The little tots’ BFF status was briefly rocked when Married tried to show Love how best to paint her instruments. She was having none of it. Yes, independent-minded peas in a pod, those two.

Best regards,
Miss Dewey

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