Monday, 12 November 2012

The Christmas Creche's first day

Well, writers, you did very well, dropping the books off this morning with almost no tears - no tears from the littl'uns, that is. Abby, dear, we hope you had enough Kleenex for the ride home, and Scarlett, rest assured that little Santa Maybekept her mittens on when we played outside. In fact, I can assure you that everyone enjoyed their first day immensely.

It didn't take long for everyone to settle down once the hats and coats and lunchboxes were stowed away, and before long the girls were exploring the creche - bright building blocks and mountains of cuddly toys, finger paints, walls of books and a dressing up box that always captures young imaginations.  Christmas with Mr Darcy dove straight into the box when she saw the dresses, and we might not have found her for awhile if With Love at Christmas hadn't been keeping an eye on her. I can see I'll have a wonderful little mother's helper in that one. I'm very grateful for that, I can tell you, since this group seems to be a rather spirited bunch.

With Love at Christmas isn't the only one with a mile-wide maternal streak. It didn't take long for A Merry Little Christmas to bundle Winter Wonderlandinto one of the cradles, though we did gently remind her that not everyone enjoys being rocked to the point of illness. Wonderland recovered her colour after just a few minutes back on terra firma, but she's staying away from the cradle for now.

The Twelve Days to Christmasis already making friends. She and Meet Me Under the Mistletoespent hours building a beautiful Lego house together. Luckily Mistletoe let us know as soon as Twelve Days stuck that piece up her nose and we got it out before lunchtime, so there's not a thing for anyone to worry about.

The tots especially liked story time today, which is understandable considering their mothers. We read How the Grinch Stole Christmas, ably acted out by Mistletoe in Manhattan. She's got a real dramatic flair, that one. I wouldn't be surprised to see her on film one day. And speaking of performances, I think we have our own little star in the making! When I Fall In Love has a lovely voice and has already put in her request for a gala Christmas performance... everyone is enthusiastic, if not very much in tune, bless them. I think perhaps with enough coaching, Married by Christmas might be able to carrry a tune by opening night. And won't we all be grateful for that!

Next time we'll have a visitor, coming by way of the chimney.

Miss Dewey